Harold believes County Government’s first priority should be public safety. Supporting our first responders (Sheriff & Fire Rescue) with adequate funding for their respective operations.

Harold doesn’t believe County Government should be competing for business with private industry i.e. golf courses.  County government should support local businesses so that they can thrive and encourage new business to come to the County. Business is what provides taxes to maintain the beautiful County amenities that Martin County residents enjoy.

Harold believes in smart-growth, as opposed to “no-growth” or “pro-growth”.  He knows that we need to support our local businesses while encouraging the right types of new businesses to locate here, businesses which meet our citizen’s needs.

It’s not just the growth of Martin County that is critically important to Harold; as a resident who loves the local waterways, he knows that saving them requires a cohesive effort of our own county as well as neighboring communities and other governmental agencies.

The condition of our waterways is unacceptable.  Harold believes we must continue to support efforts to encourage the State to get back on board with the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan. At the local level, providing a dedicated funding source and continue to construct storm water treatment facilities which reduce local flooding and provide improved water quality treatment to surface waters discharging into our local watersheds. This in addition for the need to continue efforts to convert failing septic systems to central sewer.

The County needs to provide road and storm drainage systems that meet current standards. To do so requires an understanding and acceptance of the “total cost of ownership” for these assets. This means accepting and budgeting for “cradle to grave” expenses. All too often our Commissioners battle about the cost to purchase or build an asset but never talk about or let the public know the real lifecycle costs. In some cases that cost over a potential 30 – 50-year lifecycle can be greater than the initial capital purchase or construction cost. These issues are well understood by County staff but are often overshadowed by the want of new facilities.

No one is in favor of the high-speed rail, including Harold. It will negatively impact the quality of life for so many residents and there’s no benefit. Our County commission continues to fight it, which Harold supports. Harold believes we need to do what we can to have the least negative impact on our County and require safety measures to protect our residents and reduce the environmental impact. If there is a way to stop it, he will be the first person in line to stop it. If we cannot stop it, he will work hard ensure that the proper safety measures are provided.

Harold is an environmentalist both at home and at work. He championed many energy savings projects during his tenure with the County including major lighting and air conditioning retrofits that will be paid back by energy savings over the next 15 years. These savings are passed on to the taxpayers.